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We all need reliable locksmith service providers every now and then. However, rather than using caution, we do a regular online “locksmiths near me” search and pick the one that offers us the cheapest deal. But did you know? - Hiring a local locksmith involves much more due diligence, since the safety of your property depends on the quality of work done by your locksmith.

All County Locksmith Store is a trusted locksmith service provider present in Kansas City, MO area for the last ten years, serving our customers for all their commercial, automotive and residential locksmith needs. We have become business leaders because we provide first-class service at an unbeatable price. So much so, that our competitors have failed to match up to our standards, definitely not at the locksmith costs we offer. All County Locksmith Store has a team of professional locksmiths that works efficiently for the service of our clients 24/7.

Having said that – perhaps, we are the only service providers in Kansas City, MO area, that offers 24-hour emergency locksmith service, without attaching a premium to it. We know that the moment you say you need assistance outside of business hours or on a holiday, the rates change and you end up paying lot more than you would have paid on a normal day. However, we realize that the emergency situations are not to be exploited. This is why we decided to keep our prices standard, regardless of when you call us.

Moreover, we also have a provision of mobile locksmith facility that comprises of a fleet of sophisticated vans that are capable of offering on-the-spot solutions to our customers, anywhere in Kansas City, MO area. Don't worry if you are locked out of your office or broke your car keys. Just give us a call and we assure you that help will be on its way within minutes.

Over the years, All County Locksmith Store has built a reputation not solely because of its affordable locksmith services or 24-hour emergency services. We owe a lot of our success to our professional locksmiths that we recruit with great care. Our experts have a wealth of experience and highest qualifications to carry out your day-to-day locksmith tasks and skilled jobs like making high security keys with just as much efficacy. In fact, our locksmiths our also qualified to recommend and design security solutions for your property, based on your needs and budget.

We are very proud of our quality benchmarks and do whatever it takes to maintain those standards. If you want to avail excellent services, without breaking a bank, you must call us today.

Emergency services

Emergency situations can be anything from a locked door to a locked trunk. However, that doesn’t mean that you do not need assistance immediately. All County Locksmith Store specializes in providing speedy service in all the corners of Kansas City, MO area. No need to panic if you are in a car lockout situation in the middle of the night. As soon as you call us, we will dispatch our mobile locksmith unit instantly that will reach you within minutes and solve your concern onsite. Additionally, we also provide 24-hour locksmith service to all our customers, so that you can reach out to us anytime of the day and any day of the year.

Our services do not come with a heavy price tag so don't forget to call us when you need a professional hand.

Security Professionals

Our professional locksmiths and security experts are the most reliable ones you will find in the business. We have maintained our service standards for the last ten years and strive to continue that for years to come. We can not only fix your broken locks but also evaluate your property for potential loopholes. Moreover, we can also design your home lock systems as per your budget and safety needs.

We train our experts through rigorous training and workshops, which is an addition to their own experience in the trade. We can assure you that no one would be able to provide you with valuable locking solutions the way we do.

What does a locksmith do?

A locksmith’s responsibility is very technical and sometimes even crucial. Their abilities are not limited to just simple lock repairs or change. Their scope of work is much wider and requires much more experience. All our locksmiths receive regular training from our side so that they are always on top of their game. We enable our locksmiths through knowledge, experience and cutting edge tools, the three pillars of quality service.
Our locksmiths can fully customize the solutions you need and can make tailor made recommendations. If you need a thorough professional for your locksmith issues, give All County Locksmith Store a call.


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